2019 The Struggle is Real duo show with Roosje Verschoor at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, NL
2019 Paper Spirits/ Soil Mates duo show together with Didi Lehnhausen at Nieuw Dakota
2018 PARA VALUTA at Vogellab in de Vogelbuurt in Amsterdam Noord
2018 Neo Furterist Dinner Series- Bodemdrang at Mediamatic in collaboration with artist and chef Thorwald Voss, Amsterdam , Netherlands
2018 De Bouwput – Presentation of -Choreographies for a lost sole- made at AGA LAB during a two-month residency, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 Carnaval van Noord / IJ-Pont - Presenting the Raku Masks made together with a group of outsider artists in Amsterdam Noord
2018 WOW- Mouth to Mouth in use during the vrijheidsmaaltijd. Commissioned tablecloth-designs in collaboration with AGA-LAB
2017 Making Waves- at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, Three-day program with Flag of Compassion and works by Rosa Sijben, Margit Odems, Didi Lehnhausen, Sarah Mei Herman, Tobias Karlsson, Rini Hurkmans and Fabiola Veerman
2017 KEEP IN TOUCH- Kunstliedering Halfmannhof, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2016 Some Things Floating Some Things Sinking- Gerrit Rietveld Academy graduation show, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 BOTS, BODIES AND BEASTS- in de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2015 Rietveld Mobility- group exhibition part of Urbane Kunste Ruhr, Germany
2015 Life of objects- performance and installation at DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands
2015 Push and Pull- installation and performance at Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China
2014 BochumerStrasse Spricht- a Rietveld groupshow in Gelsenkirchen, Germany


2019/2020 Stipendium for Emerging Artists – Mondriaan Fonds
2019 Artist in residence at Tembe Art Studio in Moengo, Suriname
2018 Artist in residence at de Muziekstraat in de Vogelbuurt in Amsterdam Noord. One month residency with 8 workshops and an exhibition working together with the local community. Project supported by Stichting Muziekstraat, Stadsdeel Noord en Stichting Steunfonds BJA-COW
2018 Artist in residence at AGA LAB combining different printmaking that explore the borders of human and it’s environment.Project supported by AFK
2018 Artist in Residence at The Blue Dream Project two month residence on a 18 meter traditional schooner sailing boat. Working on deck and exploring the borders of land and sea.
2017 KEEP IN TOUCH- three-week residency and exhibition at Kunstliedering Halfmannshof, Gelsenkirchen part of “Transfer International”, Germany
2016 Nieuw en Meer AIR- two months residency and exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Rietveld Mobility Ruhr- two-week residency and exhibition part of the “Urbane Kunste Ruhr”, Germany
2015 DordtYart- three-week residence and exhibition, Dordrecht, Netherlands
2015 Xiamen University- three months exchange program, guest lecturer, exhibition and several public performances, Xiamen, China
2014 CREATING A CONTEXT, a multi-disciplinary Erasmus initiative, Krakow, Poland
2014 Art in Context- one-year program, research publication and exhibition at Cobra Museum, Amstelveen, Netherlands
2014 BochumerStrasseSpricht- two-week residency in the Ruhr-area of Germany

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The Struggle is Real
Paper Spirits/ Soil Mates
River in reverse
River Spirits
Para Valuta
Choreografie for a lost sole
The broken aquarium
Me, You, The Others and Us - Public intervention at the ferry in Amsterdam
Fitness - A series of relief-prints made of found shoes at Isola del Giglio in the Mediterranean sea
Mouth to mouth - Dinner with ceramic spoons
The space between us - Raku fired objects and a walk with the objects
Super facial - A workshop held at an elderly home (Gelsenkirchen)
The meeting - A workshop with local women (Gelsenkirchen)
A Landscape event - A workshop with theater students (Gelsenkirchen)
You are here - Interactive performance with video camera
Some things floating some things sinking - Graduation show at the Rietveld Academy (lithography, a table with oranges and an excursion)
Nice stone - Residency of Rietveld Mobility Ruhr
Just another day - Performance at Xiamen beach, China
One time transportation - Workshop and performance with art students (Xiamen)
Question center - A two-week residency in the Bochumer Strasse (Gelsenkirchen)